Snehasamaj: Voice of Wome Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal
Snehasamaj: Voice of Wome Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal
Our activities:

In January 2004, 11 HIV-positive Nepalese women came together to forma a support group for women and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The group chose the name SNEHA, meaning “love and affection.” It is the first organization of its kind in Kathmandu, allowing women both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS to come together to identify and speak out on behalf of their needs. Gradually, with support from organizations and friends, SNEHA has taken baby steps to be where they are now. Here are some examples and steps it has taken from December till date:

December 2003 – The support group was formed
December 2003 till date – Monthly support group meetings are taking place
January 2004 – 2 days Capacity building for SNEHA Members on running a support group meetings (supported by POLICY Project)
March 2004 – Celebrated International Women Day by organizing a ‘Fair for the lives of women’ which was done in partnership with various women from other districts who are infected & affected by HIV/AIDS
Registering of SNEHA Samaj – May 2004
September 2004 - Organized fund raising fair in St Xaviers to start the treatment fund for HIV infected women & children (Supported by SAATH group, from St Xaviers College).
January – October 2005– SNEHA started its treatment fund. This treatment fund has acted very useful for infected women and children. SNEHA members have been visiting Teku hospitals every week to provide support to the needy women & children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
April 2004 April 2006- Chhiring Doka Sherpa was nominated as CCM Member and till date has been participated in the meetings.
October 2004 – May 2005 SNEHA received a small grant from POLICY Project to built the organizational and members capacity of SNEHA Samaj to be able to effectively participate in policy forums and raise the issues of women.
July 11 July 16 2004 - President of SNEHA Samaj participated in "XV International AIDS Conference" in Bangkok.
June 2005 – till date - SNEHA receive support from the Base Camp Trek to start a tailoring shop for income generation activities and is running the tailor shop. Currently 4 infected and affected women are involved in the workshop. For the raw material SNEHA got support from Sangati Rehabilitation Center.
In July 1/ July 5 2005 - Chhirring Doka Sherpa/President of SNEHA Samaj participated in "Seventh International Congree on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific"(ICAAP KOBE/Japan) in the conference Mrs Chirring did presentation about SNEHA.
July 2005 – December, 2005
On the request of SNEHA Samaj, to further built the capacity of the infected and affected women in the Districts, SNEHA Samaj once more received some funds from POLICY Project to implement the program in strengthening the Networking in the District and have been implementing the following programs:
August 11-12, 2005 – TOT provided to the facilitators ( infected women) going to the districts to provide capacity building training to the selected women infected and affected by HIV& AIDS
August 24, 26, 27, and 2005 – 3 days capacity building training was provided to women infected and affected by HIV& AIDS in Butwal, Chitwan, Makwanpur, Pokhara and Accham & support groups formed. Every month, the support groups meet.
Chirring went on a supervision trip in December 2005 to meet the member of the support group and participate in their monthly meetings – she was unable to go to Accham.
September 2005 – June 2006 - SNEHA Samaj has received fund from Family Health International to run a Care & support program for women who are in crisis. SNEHA Samaj has 10 beds in the crisis center and has 3 residential volunteers to look after the women.
From Sep12, 2005 till October 7, 2005 Chhirring Doka Sherpa/ President of SNEHA Samaj participated in the 25 days Women Leadership Training organized by CEDPA in Washington and was the nominated trainee to receive the Ralfs U Stone Memorial Award. By using this amount SNEHA Samaj created 3 leaders for public speaking. Beside this SNEHA also organized different awareness programs for adults and community women regarding HIV.
June 2006 – September 2006 – Family Health International has extended Care and Support program.
Jan 2006 – July 2006 – SNEHA Samaj has received Fund from UNDP Fast Track Fund for Comprehensive Package for PLHA with the help of Management Support Agency (MSA) for the project "Empowering Women as a Care Takers". Under this Project Sneha Samaj is implementing Fallowing programs.
TOT training has been organized among 100 women infected and affected by HIV& AIDS in 5 different districts.
Mobilized these 100 trainees as a peer educator for home visit and community sensitization program in 5 different districts.
"Training to Care Takers" has been organized for 100 infected and affected family members in Accham district.
Organized Income generating training/activities in Accham district to support infected and affected women/children belongs to lower cast.
March 2006 – July 2006 – SNEHA Samaj has received Fund from UNDP Fast Track Fund on "Nutrition for women living with HIV/AIDS" in SNEHA Samaj crisis center Kathmandu.
April 4 / April 7 2006 - one of the members of SNEHA has participated in 3 days "Confronting HIV, As Tuberculosis and Malaria, An Asia stakeholders Consultation” Program organized by India Government with the collaboration of UNAIDS, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, ILO, UNESCO, WHO, CARE and World Bank

Besides all these activities, SNEHA has been participating in various National & International forums to talk about the issues of women and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Nepal. SNEHA is often invited to many meeting & events to represent the positive women’s voices. Also, SNEHA gets a lot of national and international visitors in the office to learn about its activities and the status of women and children.

Also, the members of SNEHA have been invited to participate in many National training to develop their skills.

SNEHA Samaj has provided Care, Support and treatment for142 infected affected people till June 2006 (111 infected female, 21 infected male 10 infected and affected children). SNEHA Samaj continues to grow stronger and make a difference in the lives of women and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Snehasamaj: Voice of Wome Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal