Snehasamaj: Voice of Wome Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal
Snehasamaj: Voice of Wome Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal
Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to let to you knows that "Sneha Samaj" (A group of women living with HIV in Nepal ) is enormously classifying its member commencing across the nation. Mainly members of the Sneha Samaj were associated with Karuna Bhawan is an in-home established in March 1998 by Christian SAINTS sisters from south India for the treatment and rehabilitated of the HIV infected women and children. It is providing residential services particularly only to women and to their children. Most of them were rescued and sent back from brothels. And members of Karuna Bhawan were in the process of formation of a support group name given Sneha Samaj.

In January 2004, t he process of collectivization of 11 women came together to start a support group for women infected and affected by HIV & AIDS. On May 18, 2004 Sneha Samaj, mean “community of love and affection” was officially registered as an NGO.

Our Objectives are:

• To support to strengthen networking capacity among the HIV and AIDS infected and affected women and children.

• To build capacity of the founders of Sneha Samaj for better networking with government agencies, NGO's and donors and advocate for the issues of women and children infected and affected.

• To build the capacity of Sneha Samaj to work as a resource center of Nepal for HIV infected and affected women and children.

• And configuration to develop of a 5 regional women support groups with the same objectives of the Sneha Samaj in 5 different region.

Our topical activities:

• Training activities have been carried out especially in areas of proposal writing, preparation of flyer of the organization, e-mail and basic computer handling, life skill development, fund raising, & Media interaction and communication. A total of 15 members received trainings in all the areas mentioned above.

• Monthly meetings have been carried out on a regular basis and it is functioning as a drop in center for greater interaction and care support purposes to support their families.

• Workshop in 5 different regions to categorize the need associates with women, children and their families. (Funded by Policy Project/Nepal) as well strengthen the official infrastructure capacity of Sneha Samaj.

• Swing Machine (5) and over luck machine (1) was contributed by Frances women to build the capacity of individual women infected HIV at the same time the row materials for the swing purpose is provided by Sangati Day Care Center in Micro-credit system.

Dear Colleagues we will be thankful that if your offices orders, designs related with hanging bags, tag, dress, or whatever for the purpose of your workshop, conference, seminars, training e.t.c. that would relate with swing stuffs. Women living with HIV have almost finished their training of in commission the swing machine and other process all the way through professional instructor; we are developing some of the stuff for up coming International Conference for AIDS in Toronto (August 2006). So please assist us to make engage of women living with HIV to help out them to make their quality able lives.


Snehasamaj: Voice of Wome Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal