Snehasamaj: Voice of Wome Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal
Snehasamaj: Voice of Wome Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal


Neapal's first case of HIV was reported in 1988. UNAIDS estimates that nearly 60,000 adults and children have become infected. Nepal is now classified as country with a concentrated HIV/AIDS epidemic, with pervasive stigma and discrimination affecting the most at-risk group.

Nepalese women occupy a low social status in the society and if infected by HIV, they are subject to many social, economical and emotional problems. Their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS is primarily due to inadequate knowledge about HIV/AIDS, insufficient access to HIV prevention services, inability to negotiate safer sex, and lack of female controlled prevention methods They almost have no say in decision-making regarding their sexuality, which makes them highly vulnerable to HIV & AIDS.

In January 2004, 11 women come together to start a support group of women infected and affected by HIV & AIDS. On May 18, 2004 SNEHA Samaj, meaning "community of love and affection" was officially registered as an NGO. It is the first NGO of its kind, allowing both women infected and affected by HIV & AIDS to come together to identify and speak out on behalf of their needs.

Executive Committee....

Tsering Sherpa: President
Asha Lama: Vice-President
Kalpana Timilsina: Treasurer
Gita Basyal: Secretory
Ujeli Aryal: Members
Chura maya Pandey Members
Roji Khadgi: Members

"The Society has been very harsh to the women and children's living with HIV & AIDS and it is high time now that someone stood against this social stigma. We have stood against it but only the effort of few are not enough and we need everyone's support and encouragement to reduce this discrimination against people living with HIV & AIDS."

Gita Devi Basyal, Secretary


Snehasamaj: Voice of Wome Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal